GamFratesi Furniture : “Haiku” Sofas For Fredericia


Haiku Sofa shows the power of cooperation between Fredericia and GamFratesi Studio, a combination of two architects Denmark, Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. Furniture sofa with soft colors and would be a welcome trend in 2013. Like Japanese Haiku poem in miniature, depicting a sensual experience or something that can be heard and seen. The sensory impression is driving force behind GamFratesis design leather sofa with a soft, inviting seat comfort. Legs slender, hard skin and intimate interior offers a beautiful contrast, providing a protective and curious expression. Fredericia has a long tradition of producing small and simple sofa and Haiku are part of this tradition. Sofa that has a deep and intimate nature is perfect as a bed, giving room a warm every moment of relax you and your family.





The sofa is a reinterpretation of a Haiku, a traditional, compact and evocative form of Japanese poetry, intended as a sensory image to suggest an emotion. The sofa has a rigid exterior with an enclosing shape, and a much softer and intimate interior, which suggests a protective function and encourages a sense of curiosity. We have pursued a subtle contrast in the combination of textiles to strengthen the intuitive sense of function. The legs, like four pencil marks, hold and elevate the sofa, enhancing the shape of the upholstery. Haiku sofa is designed as a series of two and three seats sofa.


Manufactured : Fredericia Furniture

Designer : Gamfratesi Studio


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