Inspiring Bathrooms with Original Interiors

Decorating bathrooms is different from living room or bedroom that can be changed every day. Bathrooms for technical reasons, it will not work. There is only one way to design original interior that remains relevant, even for years to come, we hope bathroom ideas will inspire you and help find the best design.

Bathrooms with Window

Treatment of water with sunlight may only exist from April to October. But in the living room, we also spent a lot of time in the light of an electric lamp, but the bathroom light or dark, has a window in the bathroom is always desirable. If you could do it would have been nice.

Antique Bathrooms

Bathrooms is a symbol of purity. However, antique bathroom design shows her love of the arts. Hundred-year-old bathtub with rusty tracks on the side is invaluable, in their environment requires rugged walls and old furniture. But the main thing remains the natural light, but he could revive the museum for memorabilia.

Colorful Bathrooms

Reflex throw colored walls and beautify their environment. Including your bathroom. Therefore, the pink bathrooms – the right choice, providing healthy and fresh colors.

Another thing is the original interior for girls. And if the soul is asking for something that is bright and bold, make sure to test some paint walls or limit the details. For example, paint a blue tub for example.

White Tile Bathrooms

If we reject association with the Soviet way of life and the hospital, it appears that white ceramic looks modern, practical and suitable for the design of the trial. It looks very attractive contrast with the tile and textured materials such as brick or wood.

Classic Bathrooms

Bathrooms is invested so much work that would be enough for the whole house. There is no ready-made recipes. In finishing, everything is possible: carving, gilding, painting. Luxury and extravagance as the crystal chandeliers and Venetian mirrors combined with the rough tree trunk columns.

Outdoor Bathrooms

Enjoyment of life among the trees are very soothing, even for the European summer. Full bathroom in the open air look fancy, more suitable for such a paradise in Bali. Put the tub on the patio with sliding walls can also be a unique choice.

Bathrooms Enclosure

This version of the bathroom with the most beautiful, when the water flow from the shower head on the floor. To puddle the floor should have a slope that is true, then the water does not flow in vain. In the small bathrooms it would be fun to fence with alternative modern bathrooms, made ??entirely of glass and looks gorgeous.

Bathrooms with Sink

Bathrooms is mostly private, so it must be practical, with great potential at the expense of decorative mirrors, lamps and more. Combining beauty and easy to use when making furniture to order and use accessories to the usual place, not for the toilet.

If your space allows, make the sink will fill the space symmetry, and save time in the morning. cooking or washing feels lighter.

source : admagazine


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