K7 Wood Kitchen Ideas : Modern For Open Living Areas

Elements of wood is a type of kitchen furniture chosen by Team 7, the best natural ingredients and give meaning to modern space for an open living areas. We give you inspiration wood kitchen showing how furniture can work in any modern kitchen design.

K7 Wood Kitchen Ideas : Modern For Open Living Areas by Team 7 – ”A designer kitchen with height-adjustable worktop. Worktop, table or bar – the k7 cooking island is everything: the worktop of the k7 cooking island can be infinitely adjusted in height from 74 to 114 cm at the push of a button. In the lowest position, with retracted fitting and covered sink, the k7 cooking island looks just like a sideboard. This makes the k7 cooking island ideal for open living areas comprising the kitchen, dining and living room.

Sit comfortably on bar stools or chairs: the worktop can protrude on the long or short sides. The k7 cooking island is completely without handles. All drawers, doors and wall unit flaps in this designer kitchen open conveniently at the merest touch and close gently with cushioned self-closure.”










source : team7


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