Kenoa Beach Resort: Exclusive Relaxing Spa In Brazil

Kenoa beach resort offers a variety of facilities and comfort to your holiday plans, located in Brazil with beautiful beaches where turquoise sea and golden sands into the main attraction. Kenoa resort will pamper you enjoy exclusive spa as means relaxation, sunbathing on beach, or watch the sunset. Between environment and unique blend of inspired architecture meets simplicity with color texture and shape of a fabulous resort. Spacious villa lets you discover personal experience with the natural surroundings, interior refresh makes your mood happy to be here. Tranquility of the beach makes every guest feel unique holiday experience in Brazil.

Ten suites are prepared to provide more space to rest, bed linen from Egyptian cotton greet you in the bedroom. Japanese styles available for The Suite Araxa presenting traditional Japanese tubs are made fragrant cedar wood, while the beach gives a wonderful backdrop to the exotic nature.