Kids Loft Beds with Creative Playroom

The loft can be transformed into beautiful room for your kids, loft beds with plenty of room to play, fun and creative. This is an example that you do not need a lot of space to meet the needs of the children, put them all in one room is an effective and useful solution, including a loft bedroom for two kids below.

Remember that space contains more space than the floor, walls and ceiling. You can do this by adding interesting caves beneath the ceiling. Cavity can be used to play and relax, but also can serve as a bed with a mattress set up on the bottom.

kids loft bed comes with a ladder to enable them to find the required items, including books, clothes, or even toys.

Cavity below the ceiling into a bed as well as a fun place to play, like a mushroom house with a window to peek, I love this creative idea.

via : leiliving


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