Modern and Colorful Furniture : Edna Dressers by Anthony Hartley

Edna dressers mixing modern art and design into a furniture, cabinets is designed by talented designers, Anthony Harley. Hailed as the three drawer unit with colorful paint beautiful, unique shape makes you think that the dresser is like a layer cake with a touch of the 1960s furniture. The inside of drawers also have the same colorful outer design, made of high-quality gloss coating and able to accommodate a lot of stuff. The color schemes you can choose according to desire, choose your own color, the outer surface and a leg to give a unique impression on your room.

Simple choices available from oak wood cabinets, still using attractive colors with a drawer unit to accommodate wider items. This will be very useful when you need a larger space to store all your requirements, foot shape remains the same for the two products, so make a selection of the best cabinets for your needs.








source : anthonyhartley, detail-online


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