Satechi LED Desk Lamps with Touch Control

Practical desk lamp suitable for accompanying your desk or office desk, desk lamps comes with Satechi LED display touch screen controls are easy to use. This light has a range of light intensity mode, adjust the brightness and meets every requirement of lighting required.

Satechi desk lamps are highly energy efficient, consume 1/8th of power an incandescent lamp, which means that about half of power fluorescent bulbs. Long-lasting lamp life becomes flagship of this product, table lamps can light up more than 40,000 hours with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. Safety factor is very important for an office desk lamps is used for hours, so these lights contain no mercury or harmful substances to the environment and your health.

LED desk lamp is multifunctional, flexible design ensures that lamps are perfect for any desk space. This light also has a timer that can automatically turn off lights after a while lamps off, usb port attached for your convenience to recharge a variety of needs to plug it into a light.









source : satechi


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