Small House with Rural Themes by Jessica Helgerson

Small house was first built in the 1940s as part of the Vanport village, located on 5 acres of property on Sauvie island and was originally a docker building to house the ship. At the end of 2008 a small house was bought by Jessica and Yianni, they are house renovations while maintaining the concept of an existing building. Limitations of space only 540 square meters to function optimally, rustic theme is the main attraction of the small house design complete with chicken farms, bees and cheese from goat’s milk and cow.

Large room for interior, allowing kitchen, dining room as well as a living area with a sofa that serves as a double bed for guests. There is a huge wall bookcase with open sky in main room, this room is going to bed loft for add more rooms Available when the family came to visit, while the kids room has a bunk bed classic style. This small home furnishings using recycled wood materials, which are mostly found on the site of one of the barns. White oak floors and windows come directly to the couch to make our kids love it, the house also has a green roof with moss and ferns.










Featured in:


Dwell: Bath & Spa

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Portland Monthly Magazine

Portland Monthly Eat Beat Blog


2012 Annual Northwest Design Awards—Whole House Less than $400K

2011 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award

source : JHID


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