Sofa Set Designs: Collaboration with Fashion Designer

This is sofa sets result of collaboration with fashion designers, Steven Alan. He is famous for his American heritage and stylish aesthetic sailors. Originally curator collection of traditional products is only selling clothes in a boutique, then he realized that the furniture is beautifully make him fall in love, until in March opened Steven Alan Home Shop to order sofas by Jason Pickens. This collaboration of two designers began his career as a co-worker Martha Stewart (and close friend), they managed to create an amazing sofa design that they learned during a designer there. Here is the best collection of sofa set designs my choice and I will leave you to judge for themselves, whether they deserve to be a new generation of well-known furniture designers? All up to you.

Double chair with coffee table is very comfortable for a relaxing time. Gray oiled brass and wood inlay, using brown corduroy fabric and available in other fabrics.

Full size sofa can fit for couples falling in love, has two seat cushions are soft, you can also fall asleep on this couch.

Two-seat sofa and antique features the fastener on the back and side. Not too high but still elegant, I think it’s safe for the kids.

Cool coffee table to accompany you read the paper, already oiled ash legs and is available in white marble. Little space for books and favorite gadget, look for practical furniture collection.

For other color enthusiasts, end table is available in white, green, gray, and black marble. This table design is suitable for a corner.

A bench with oiled ash frame with brass inlay. Cushion of Italy, a simple collection to complement your furniture.

source : marthastewart


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