Stylish Girl Room Inspiration With Two Beds

Initially girl’s room serves for baby’s room with a mix of old and new styles, but we’ve seen them grow up. So we decided to completely change room design without losing the sweet dreams in this room. Two classic bed chosen for their resting place, large picture frame looks shining down on the bed, wall paint as talk about cold rooms cozy. Pink quilt heritage grandma still accompany their sleep, there are also hand-made ornament ever made mothers during pregnancy, such as pillows that they use during sleep and even play fights with his brother. Children will love to sit by the window and see the ducks in the pond or puppy on road. Girl’s room also has a bookshelf with a collection of fairy tale books, stories and their favorite cartoons. You can make stylish girl room with two beds if you want the kids to be closer to their relatives, the following ideas for inspiration sweet girl’s room in in bedroom.








source : daffodildesign


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