To Gather in Colorful Sofa Design by Studio Lawrence

To Gather is colorful sofa design that consists of touches individual elements, the sofa was designed by Studio Lawrence, provide endless seating combinations that can be changed according to taste. You can mix one or two sofas and converts it to a loveseat, chairs lined up for a waiting room or office chair company can be a colorful style that was awesome.

Sofa solid and powerful exploration of individual seats, an abstract style of sofa furniture. Sofa standard has an area 50 cm and is available with one arm, and 75 cm for a wider selection of hand-holding to square pillow used as work surface or laptop base. This sofa can be connected using a variety of styles and square tilted, creating endless seating combinations.

To Gather in sofa set design very fun, creative and not boring, this sofa will create new moments for family, friends, or clients koleha. Enjoy the atmosphere come together, interact and explore everything together.








source : studiolawrence


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