Top 10 Coat Wall Hooks for Kids

Children often make their room a mess, when backpacks, shirts, jackets and stuff are not in place. But you have an awesome place to hang their stuff. Layers of wall hooks for kids to make them happy, top 10 wall hooks that can solve all your problems, enjoy.

Decorative hooks with a unique cloud print from KukuDesign. A lovely colorful touch for your child’s room. Can be used to hang clothing, jacket, hat, bag, towel or anything else you wouldn’t want on the floor. The hooks are made from wood with a melamine covering and shipped in a carton box for maximum protection.

In the bedroom or in the entrance, this cute apple hangs everything you want! From the vintage style dutch brand.

This retro “rough seas” boat’s catching some powerful waves, convenient for you as they give you so many hooks to hang your stuff on.

Hook me up with chocolate creative’s art-inspired wooden wall hooks. Beauty meets function in these mini-canvases which decorate your walls with old fashioned landscapes and vintage embroidery inspired by a collection of much loved objects. Handmade in chocolate creative’s studios, these hooks add a touch of vintage glamour to your home and provide essential hanging space for coats, scarves, bags and hats.

A beautiful natural coat rack with fox, rabbit and cat profiles. This is a gorgeous gift, ideal for a nursery, child’s room or a hallway.

Easy to mount on the wall. You can either fasten the knobs to the wall using the self-adhesive backing or screw them into the wall.

Metal wall hook finished with multicolored accents for a playful, contemporary look. Complete with pre-attached fixtures for easy hanging. Accessories not included. UO Exclusive.

Research shows that most kids who leave their jackets on the floor do so because they simply can’t see where to hang them. That’s why we designed our Can’t Miss Wall Knobs. They’re so colorful, they’re impossible not to see. And the charming airplane shape allows them to double as wall décor.


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