Top Five Hanging Plant Pots

I have long thought about decorating green space with more hanging plants, give me a little freedom to make one of the hanging planters with a natural texture, sculpture, and just interesting as the green itself. Plant pots play an important role in the garden project, choose a favorite flower or plant pots that I found at the bottom of this article, I hope you too will enjoy it.

Alessandra chose plantation with beads, according to the older post of Business Day Carnival. Both were beautifully decorate furniture chairs for relaxing and enjoying the time.

A simpler version of pot plant threads Sara Woodrow, looks simple and is able to beautify the room, creating a visual green with a fresh white color.

Pots with natural color by Design Sponge uses cut skin. Strong design and elegant look for a potted plant.

This potted plant fluorescent versions, from Refinery 29, giving a little bright color to green, while the choice of pot with white glazed look in contrast to the strap.

Collection last pot from Monster Circus, Mette shows you how to make the skin on his blog planters, potted plants idea that saves a lot of space and of course your time.

source : apartmenttherapy


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