10 Exotic Wall Hanging Solutions

Wall hangings is an easy solution for those who are not allowed wall painting or do not want to commit, you only need a few small spike are all that is needed. Exotic wall hangings you can find around, or even carpets, blankets, and unique fabric collection will be useful. You should consider the bright wall around to find the right wall decor. Here are 10 wall hangings that will transform your home!

I really love art, especially all the antique style, Morocco beautiful quilts and wall hangings appropriate for the bedroom. Although there are many outside wall hangings, but I could not resist those that include all of wall above the bed.

Workspace you can also add wall hangings, large rugs create a little Hollywood glamor to your home office.

This time the little colored child’s room, an antique rug Egyptian brighten white wall in their room.

Traditional effects seen here with textiles hanging on the wall in accordance with the point of a perfect, elongated shapes and bright textiles make the room look dramatic.

I’ve seen many wall hangings today, and Beatrice and Ramsey has really nailed it with this one. Right position, bold color in a neutral room full of quiet, interesting juxtaposition of textile and chandelier make it all work well.

The scale and spatial arrangement makes it look attractive as if one wall has fused with wall paper.

Although the house has been through this tour twice and I’m still not entirely sure what I saw, but I believe there is some fabric wall hanging somewhere in the mix. Even the support columns have been wrapped and decorated!

It’s very beautiful wall hangings, tapestries idea that almost reaches from floor to ceiling look perfect, and was created by Briana own. It is one of the few ways to decorate wall with plain white color.

You will need rug, sofa, and Marimekko tapestry come together to create a colorful look yet cohesive.

And lastly, the fabric provides a bright focal point on a blank wall. Pale color of bedding, curtains, and wood echoed in the hanging wall, so that the effect is not at all jarring.

source: apartmenttherapy


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