10 Unique And Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Day is one of the most awaited big day for Christians. One characteristic of the Christmas celebration is the presence of a Christmas tree in almost every home. Today many shops that sell Christmas trees with various accessories. However, in fact we can also make your own Christmas tree at home. Besides it looks unique and creative, make your own Christmas tree can be one way to spend the holiday with family. Here are the exciting creation how to make your own Christmas tree that you can also do at home!

1. Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Of all the collections in this article, this Christmas tree is probably the easiest to make. Made only by using washi tape, you too can make a Christmas tree like this.

2. Wood Clamp Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is made using wood clamps arranged to resemble a Christmas tree. Aside from being a unique decoration, Christmas tree also serves as a celebration to welcome the Advent calendar Christmas falls on December 25th. The clips can also be used to hang gifts for children.

3. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

The idea to make this Christmas tree emerges from how to make a Christmas tree in a small house with limited space. The tree is made of tissue paper strung and shaped like a Christmas tree. In addition to easy, make Christmas trees can also be done together with the family to spend the holidays.

4. Paper Christmas Tree

Next is a Christmas tree made paper. This Christmas tree project created by Blogger Lolly Chessie using materials easily found. For you fans of the Scrapbook, make a Christmas tree this might be an interesting thing to do at home because it is basically a Christmas tree using multiple tools together to create a scrapbook, like Paper Punch.

5. PVC Christmas Tree

Unique Christmas tree using PVC pipe, as well as a decoration on the wall of the house. Add some cute embellishments to it, and the Christmas tree really looks perfect.

6. Origami Paper Christmas Tree

The following Christmas tree is also created using paper folded. Materials and how to make it was quite easy. Origami itself is inspired by the art of paper folding that is popular in Japan.

7. Ball Christmas Tree

A series of balls that can be shaped like anything, including a Christmas tree. This unique Christmas tree is an interesting example, using the imagination and creativity of many possibilities that can be done to make a Christmas tree.

8. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is made out of some old plastic bottle cap. A unique idea, we can actually use any imagination to realize. With some fairly simple steps, you too can make a Christmas tree of used plastic bottle caps like this.

9. Bookshelf Christmas Tree

This is actually a bookcase made Christmas tree. Besides functioning to store items, these shelves can also be used as a unique Christmas tree decorations.

10. Bottles Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Project makes the following is the most environmentally friendly because it is made by using plastic bottles. A unique idea, as it turns out reusable bottles into a beautiful decorative ornament.


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