15 Awesome Loft Beds Design

Amazing loft bed in small room or even in a large room can be found here! No one does double duty and so comfortable in vertical space such as loft beds. This bed design to maximize storage space, making the best of floor plans, or you want a cool design? Build your bed in the air is the best way to go. I found the 15 inspiring loft bed and involving only a bit of a hike for safety and convenience. Look at the collection of pictures of them!

White walls and lots of light provide a calm atmosphere in the room, the room refreshing with comfortable wooden furniture.

Built in lighting underneath this bed illuminates the work/study space beneath.

Smooth cut-out shapes and fancy wallpaper make this loft bed.

Rustic wood and old books cozy up a single-sized sleeping place.

White, billowy fabric and lace give this little nest a glamorous feel.

Reading lights, a tiny window, and fresh cut flowers create an inviting nook!

Glossy green floors and painted grass emphasize the “up in the air” feel of this bed.

Forget the baby monitor; this sleek double from Contemporist gives privacy and peace of mind without sacrificing style.

A slender rail sets apart this spare twin, tucked above a reading alcove.

Loads of natural light and plenty of floor space make this loft/library.

A library ladder leads to a snug partition for snoozing or reading.

This bed from tumidei isn’t too tall, but high enough to take advantage of ample storage space underneath.

A grown-up bunk bed creates room underneath for a desk and storage.

A great example of lofting a bed in a studio, this bed peeks over kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The real bed is on the ground, but we love the steps and glass above it – this design could easily adapted for a twin bed in the air.

source: apartmenttherapy


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