15 Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living room can be totally functional and will create a relaxing atmosphere when with careful planning. Like when making the indoor space design, we must consider all aspects ranging from architectural, color harmony, number of who can fit in room, spacious rooms and comfort rooms. Another challenge is how to create an outdoor living area that can provide the need for privacy while protecting the people who relax there from the wind and sun. Well, how about creating an outdoor living space that is fun? Stay tuned to article below!

Dimensions and layout for outdoor living space depending in activity you want to see from size of the accommodation and property to be placed outdoors. When designing an outdoor room, do not forget to consider the natural elements such as wind and solar orientation. If you want to build a calm atmosphere, creating an open-roofed building with walls, like an umbrella, gazebo or pavilion, and pergola so that people who are outdoors can still enjoy the scenery outside the house without feeling the heat. Patterns and colors for decorating outdoor living space is infinite. For alternative, you can create an outdoor room that can be combined to complement the overall home design. So just equate design an outdoor living space with rooms that are in house, so that whole house has an architectural theme of mutual harmony.

Outdoor room will have wall coverings as well as indoor rooms. If you need protection privacy, you can start installing high wooden fence that enclosed or tall plants that can separate between you and the view of neighbors. For sustainability design, consider installing concrete fences or walls with natural stone pattern decoration or brick that can help complement your home design.

If your budget a little, build an outdoor living space gradually. Starting with the building blocks, then complete the necessary furniture bit by bit. You can set up other features slowly. Such as fireplaces, ponds, fountains, and garden lighting. Similarly tip to create a comfortable outdoor living space, may be useful and make your life more beautiful!


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