15 Indoor Garden Ideas

Along with the development technology has many of us who live in big cities and crowded. This makes the desire to create a natural green space that is able to give a cool room in the house. Indoor garden is believed to provide fresh air for those of you who want to get out of the heat of the city. Many of us make do with a plant pot or window box, but in this article we give you 15 indoor garden ideas that will change your life.

Wall garden could be an interesting alternative for those of you who have a little space, placing it in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom for maximum results. Here are some collections of plant wall that you can try yourself at home!

Trees in the room also could be an interesting option for the garden of your life, this kind of design looks great in open space, glass and wood elements still dominate to produce an impression of nature indoors.

Some cactus plants provide something more robust and does not require maintenance too. You’ll like being in the desert with cactus plants refreshing, however large or small spiny plants, you can add the element of wood with gravel to finish is attractive and clean.

Stand beside the shower, grassy borders adorn this old bathroom space. Strip of lush green brings a sense of health and well-being, bathroom garden ideas is ready for a refreshing your day.


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