15 Minimalist Gypsy Interior Ideas

Color varied, rich texture, and variety details like beads, mirror inserts, rugs and metallic thread are hallmarks of gypsy interior. It is simple composition to add a new textile into the room to show gypsy touch, or you can place furniture and accessories to transform your home into a gypsy decorating style. Do not forget to add your own vintage pieces, ethnic souvenirs and handmade collections to make your interior more unique. Gypsy interior borrows most daring style and the most amazing from around the world, there may be room table Moroccan, Mexican tin mirrors with frames, and paper lanterns from China. You can mix vintage pieces with contemporary style, and some craft featuring international boutique , all comes together in a work of art and craft that is ideal in the gypsy interior. Enjoy this collection of images below and find that you can do with your room today!


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