20 Awesome Kids chalkboard Ideas

Kids are always able to make you happy, but sometimes their behavior also makes us upset, running from inside the house, damaging furniture, walls to scribble with picture that is not known. Naturally, his name is also small children, play is their world. I have the perfect solution if you do not want to dirty walls of your home because of the kids. The way is easy, that is to apply the chalkboard on the wall of your home. On one side walls of your home is guaranteed to be safe, on the other side your child will spill all the creativity in painting something. You can also paint with kids on the board. There are two ways to change your walls, using two types of chalkboard.

First black walls board (blackboard) in which you can draw or write with chalk. Second, white wall board (whiteboard) where you can draw or write with a marker. Chalkboard blackboard indeed be a bit messy, but they can look very stylish. But you have to think about it back when using blackboard blackboard chalk powder because that is written can damage the health of children. While the white board is easy to use, but it may look quite boring. Here’s an awesome idea chalkboard child that you can make a solution and enhance children’s room!

source: pinterest

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