20 Punk Rock Bedroom Ideas

Punk rock bedroom reflect the rebellious, against which is the core attitude of punk rock culture, fashion and music. Originally punk rock emerged in the mid 70’s in UK and spread across the Atlantic to United States. Basically punk bedroom is to enter the spirit of rebellion, and became a symbol of self-focus into the bedroom decor that lets you stay true to the original philosophy of punk rock will be retained.

Punk rock rebellion known as a political statement, a protest against the current social conditions and anti-establishment attitude. The words “dark” and “angry” describes the movement, so many fashion punk rock composed of ripped and torn clothing. Incorporating this into the bedroom by choosing dark color for walls and bed, or gray black and red. walls posters can describe the protests of the past, for example, for nuclear disarmament, or make a poster yourself involved when you get into the old place, worn carpet on the floor including obsolete accessories from thrift stores.

Punk rock emerged when the economy is depressed, most of them adopt a DIY attitude, their songs of their own and visiting thrift stores for clothing and fashion change. Bringing this attitude into punk rock decorating your bedroom by creating works of art from old clothes, put back together with safety pins and duct tape. Using objects that are not as common as padlocks and chains to wrap the furniture and the use of nails from the hardware store to spell out the door. The point is to take objects of everyday including trash bags and torn sheets, and use it in a way that is unexpected, unusual and personalized to your bedroom.

Punk rock bedroom is definitely synonymous with symbols associated to the movement. First is Union Jack, the British flag. Use flags for wall covering or paint on the ceiling, but not limited by the color red, white and blue only. Graffiti also became a major part of the culture of punk rock, and you can create graffiti walls in your bedroom with wallpaper that looks like a brick and write your message on it. Full skull punk rock and graffiti street style, spikes is also a strong culture of punk culture, so insert them wherever you like.

Punk rock culture had developed in a different direction, although still embrace design elements from the 70’s. You can combine a bit of glamor to the punk rock bedroom with bright colors and animal prints, plus a cool lighting. The decor is comfortable skate punk and practical focus on fabrics such as flannel and skateboards are used as walls accessories. Here are 20 bedrooms punk rock with concept that is really tempting!


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