35 Coolest Home Library And Book Storage Ideas

Have a collection of books in piles as a hobby is reading a pride in itself. But there is a problem that usually occurs when you are classified as a minimalist home design. Books, will meet most of your home. Here are some tips for designing the special inspiration for your coolest home library.

In accordance with the concept to simplify special library room of your home, of course you need a little give in to provide a special space to store your collection of books. On average a collector of books, every year must have had an extra collection of his favorite books. Means it is not possible from year to year requires space to store it. To that end, it would be wise if you did provide a dedicated space in your home to keep it. Actually the choice is in your hands, use a special room or use the living room but equipped library shelves or cabinets. But clearly if you use the living room, not to impress the arrangement of the book is not messy or neat.

In designing minimalist space in your home library, wherever possible using the bookshelf, not a big closet. Why? Using cabinets tend to be impractical. If you put on a bookshelf, you can paste the wall or lean on the wall so that it does not take place. The point here in the design of the library let me not seem stuffy or take up much space.

In designing the library using creative use of empty space under the stairs to put your favorite books. This private library room design can you do when your home has two floors or more. With the uniqueness of your design, I’m sure will add to the beauty of your basement stairs, and impressed unique. So, take advantage of this empty space to store your collection of books.

When you design a personal library at home you must choose a paint color of your home with a suitable theme for the room. If you like the natural feel you can paint your room with natural color. If you have more funds could using wallpaper walls add elegance to your home. Like for example the beauty of exotic sports cars, you can plug in your personal library.

Designing a special space for reading, can not be separated from the use of lights. Whether it’s sitting desk lamp, study lamp, wall lamp or light paste. Look carefully in designing your home library. If you design with cool, it is not likely you will endure to live in your favorite room. Because it has a unique lighting.

Reforming the library room lights not solely for lighting alone, but more than just that. Arranging the lamp’s private library will provide its own color to the impression given by the light beam. So do not using monotone white lights only, you could creation with other light colors. So it will give the impression of Outstanding in the library of your personal space.


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