35 Dark Gothic Interior Designs

Gothic interior style was first introduced in France when the builders, glass makers, and other art craftsmen want to realize desire of their religious leaders. Gothic was first introduced with name of French Style. This architecture implements the model shown firmness in the forms of dark, mysterious, arches, colorful glass, and stone carvings. In this classic French architectural style, everything that smells natural not shown. Although the Italian artist himself calls this model as the architectural style of the architectural style of the bars, but the fact is now French style or Gothic-style architecture implemented in many modern homes today.

Gothic room design tend to be simple without many decorations that stand out. Walls are usually neutral and dark shades are complemented with floors made of dark wood anyway. Both rooms are wide or narrow, the trend of using vertical lines always strive presented in this gothic room. The use of chandeliers, long curtains that hung down to floor, wall tapestries wrapped, decorations and other gothic style to emphasize the vertical lines themselves. The most ornate Gothic style mimics the style of religious architecture that focuses on the spirit of eternal heaven. This is reinforced by the presence of long candles and vases with a high neck or a vertical line that represents the path to heaven.

Gothic furniture is also inclined towards antiquities and ancient. This is especially due to the influence of England in 19th century. Application of vertical lines that are slightly firm to the surface density of complex and highlight the objects or furniture. Seat mostly straight and tall with milestones and boards are intact that mimics the design of the chairs in the church. Oak wood is a material that is often used as a raw material chairs or other furniture. In this gothic-style furniture, we could not find personal closets. Large wardrobe, drawers and other storage areas used by the entire family. So that all objects contained in the storage area belong to family, and not a private property. For additional decoration, these cabinets are usually carved to give the impression of artistic yet simple. For you fans gothic style might be trying to apply this style to the interior of the house. Entering the October we will all be getting ready for Halloween parties and 35 following gothic interior design might inspire you, Happy trying!

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