5 Favorite How To Laundry Room Ideas

Without us knowing the laundry room is a place where we often spend a lot of time. All activities in this space like never ending, whether you’re exchanging loads, sorting the lights, or folding freshly laundered bed linen. You probably spend a good amount of time in this space, so I think you need to give a little attention to decorating the laundry room. Inspired favorite sites showing how the laundry room, I’m back to share a laundry room decorating ideas to give you extra comfort and convenience.

For those of you who have a full laundry room, hall closet, or laundry corner in another room such as the kitchen, there are many ways you can do to give a bit of style and functionality, without having to be expensive. Here are 5 favorite ways that will overcome your problem!

1. Storage

Custom storage rack is not the only way that you can do, you can take advantage of the bookshelves on either side to create an integrated look with a cheaper budget. This rack has some baskets that fit the size you want.

2. Personality

Bringing personality to the laundry room is not easy, you need to decorate the room with several objects. Two large cork board hanging right above the washer and dryer, and a pattern is visible some place to hang out, like a scrap of children. But you can also use a large painting here for help decorating the space and provide color and pattern.

3. Function

The laundry room is good to be able to serve all the functions. Without a functional design, your space will quickly get a chaotic and feel messy, which is why we need a drying rack to hang on the wall. Use multifunctional rack with hooks and integrated. It makes clothes out of the way when they are drying, but still provides a storage shelf even when folded.

4. Baskets

You need storage pieces that can travel with you, such as the floor on top of cabinets to put stuff away clean. Several large basket with handles will serve you very well as greatly simplify your work, and not wrong if they look so pretty.

5. Lighting

Adequate lighting is mandatory for any kind of space including a laundry room, two hanging lamps that convert can give this laundry room more stylish lighting.

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