Casa Sierra Leona: Inspired Modernism In Mexico House

Casa Sierra Leona is a stunning house from architect Juan Jose Rivera Rio is located in a residential area on the outskirts of Mexico. This house was built in 2014 taking inspiration from the modernism of the 1960’s but put modern twist on a style that is beautiful. The house offers comfort of 2:50 meters above the road surface at the lowest part, development land in the center to create a page in the front and in the rear garden. Simplicity and exquisite detail perfectly resolved through a flat roof between the rear yard and garden. Interior and exterior stands out with constructive use of concrete, glass and steel. This house has two levels above and below the platform which can be accessed from the bottom of the road, and it went straight to the parking lot. The quality of materials and colors is obviously very important for the comfort and design, even disguise the border and build a garden landscape for privacy atmosphere. Following Mexico house with all the surprising things!

source: archdaily


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