Children’s IKEA Playroom Inspiration

The desire every parent is to give best to their children. Would not it be nice if your home is designed to help your child develop with perfect way? Such as creating their own play space in accordance with their wishes. You will find many ideas for baby room and kids are fun to play, learn, and just be a kid. This is IKEA children’s room inspiration and latest furniture has transformed into a colorful child room.


It’s no problem having guests over in this playroom. We created it to show what might happen if the kids get to decide when, where and what you eat. It could be pancakes or kitchen sink soup or something else completely (and wonderfully) unexpected.


With a mini-kitchen your little one can copy what the grown-ups do – a great way to learn a lot of important social skills. And with mini-tableware that’s also safe for eating and drinking, they can have some real-life fun with food, too.


Sharing a room doesn’t always work like a dream, but we’ve made it easier with smart solutions that give the roommates the space they both need. That way, the days and nights can be full of fun, not fighting.


An extendable bed not only saves on space when the kids are small, but it also saves you the hassle of having to get a brand new one when they grow a bit bigger.


Playing with dolls doesn’t just train tiny fingers to work buttons and tie laces. It also helps them develop social skills through imitation and role-play. That’s a lot of learning from a little toy.


There are a lot of benefits to putting the nursery in your own room – like not having to walk as far for those middle-of-the-night wake-up calls. One easy trick is dividing the room with curtains to create little nooks of privacy.


It’s through play that children learn about the world around them. So shouldn’t their bedroom be the best place to do that? With some smart storage and kid-sized furniture we left plenty of space for big imaginations in this room.


Sharing a room doesn’t have to be a disaster. Here are our ideas for smart storage solutions – and plenty of reasons to play together.


Role-play is an important part of kids development, but you don’t want your little one banging on stuff with the grown-up’s hammer. This kid-sized workbench lets them get to work on their own projects.


Big and small, everybody has stuff to do sometimes. Finish emailing, finish another drawing of the family. So we put this hallway together to function as a workspace where both kids and adults can sit and work together comfortably.


A nursery doesn’t need to be big to be functional. Smart, space-saving furniture and organization can make it easy to fit everything needed for your new baby.


Using your walls for storage makes even the smallest baby room big on function. Wall pockets don’t take up much space and do a good job of keeping all those lotions and potions within reach – ensuring diaper changes stay comfortable and safe.


Here’s a space for letting a child’s imagination run wild – with furniture that’s built to fit kids and plenty of storage for all the playmates.


A desk at his own height will make it much easier for him to create those priceless works of art you hang on the refrigerator. And drawing or painting also helps develop the motor skills he’ll need to learn to tie his shoes or write the alphabet.

You don’t need much to get your little ones’ imaginations going. We set the scene with a tent, a swing and some footstools. Then break out the clown costume and the popcorn and let the fun begin!


To make these two worlds connect instead of collide, we created some common ground. STUVA storage benches placed back to back don’t just provide lots of smart storage, they also help divide the room to create two separate spaces. And when it’s time to play together, the benches create a great spot for meeting in the middle.


Children want to be where their parents are. So our designer decided to make way for play in this living room and give children the space they need.


One day, they’ll be too big to play. So decoration that’s easy to change is a good idea. Wall stickers are easy to put up and take down, so you’ll have no problem turning this space into a cozy reading nook when the time comes.


For kids that like to go adventuring in faraway book worlds, we put together a room that’s the perfect balance of blank canvas and order to make lots of room for setting the imagination free.


Sliding some storage boxes under the bed won’t just make the most of otherwise wasted space, it also makes it a little easier for your child to tidy up.


A comfy rocking chair and books stored on low shelves help keep full focus on the stories. The only thing better is when mom or dad join in.

source: IKEA


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