Contemporary Maracana House In Brazil

Contemporary maracana house designed by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados in 2009, this house is very strategic because it is located in the Maracanã Street in São Paulo, Brazil. From the Architect. Sao Paulo. In this town, whose contemporaneity is able to put in front of the most extraordinary urban contrasts, inhabit it may prove an encouraging condition. In search of a place where it can be experienced, the idea of elementary residence acquires the character of the event here. Thus, as we had decided to post up in silent oestes intricacies of the metropolis that the Maracana Street house presents.

Plans that define its geometry – opaque in its materiality grayish, transparent in their glass surfaces or the vibrant backdrop of access – mark the presence of a new event in the bucolic neighborhood where curious people wonder about the appearance of this new construction. His jarring geometry relative to traditional homes in the neighborhood shows amazing from the moment that hides any territorial definition, recognizing as an element, as well as a public event, seizes the street that allows it to be perceived. Through the occupation of the entire property that is available to you, shares its boundaries as interiorizar the surroundings, and so does its unique place arise.

More than one space, setting their plans will gradually, a path through which exterior and interior merge into a proper and continuous configuration. The house reveals new possibility for the limitations from a small batch, whose complexity is overcome by horizontal and vertical pathways that invariably lead to a new spatial experience, can elucidate the singularities of type and geography of the neighborhood.

Being at home is the street Maracanã be in Lapa; is live with its quirks, stamped with the expectation of discovering how far their spaces can lead us and the opportunities it offers us to contemplate the red roofs of the neighboring buildings and masonry facades of the church that crowns the neighborhood while the sun sets in São Paulo horizon to which your later reveals its facade.


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