Cozy Warehouse Renovation By Lynda Newton

You would not think that if this house was originally an old warehouse and outdated. Fashion designer Lynda Newton and her husband walked into the barn on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne Hawthorn East, it was not love at first sight. But they agreed, that they just found their next project and together with architect Gail Long of Stoll Long Architecture, they devise a plan to restore the old mill into a residential home that is comfortable and inviting, contemporary three bedroom homes for their families. As a designer of her own fashion company, Lynda has the skills and foresight in how to make use of his house for colors and textures, drawing on his experience in both the interior and styling products. A sophisticated and eclectic mix of furniture styles are the results of Lynda cleverly honed eye for detail in the design. Dark, cramped office and false ceiling torn out to expose beams and trusses Oregon native and allows light to flood the central living space. Using monochromatic scheme as the foundation layer of the collection can pair them vintage furniture and much-loved collection of artwork, dark wood floors and white walls create effective background harmonious with the overall schema.

source: estmagazine


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