Eclectic Apartment In Paris Designed By Sarah Lavoine

Eclectic apartment designed by Sarah Lavoine and has an 250 square meters. Located in Paris, France overlooking the Louvre museum, Sarah completely redesign the family remodeling project. She did an outstanding approach, sharpening contemporary Paris to focus on the color and quality. Each room is likely to have a function in a way that feels new and fresh, if you look through this new project then I am sure you want to immediately book a ticket to Paris and ready. I can only say this apartment is amazing, when walking in the apartment I found the concept of the room with different decor, I think this is quite unique without reducing comfort.

Apartment are also equipped with seven bedrooms classic style with rooms side by side, high ceilings, fireplace and all the typical Paris. The focus is to create freedom of movement and color of a clear albeit with a different concept. Floors, walls, doors and even pole wrapped in a deep black elegance, black selected as the main theme of both combined with bright yellow or clear turquoise. While only the living room with white walls and natural oak flooring. Are still many inspiring Paris apartment ideas in this article, so you should check its collection of apartment photos and find your own favorite design!


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