IKEA Curtains Inspiration With Soft Touch

IKEA again presents new curtains to freshen things up, colorful textiles inspiration to all the changes that you need to create a space that you love. So take a look collection of IKEA window curtains with soft touch in below to get some ideas for bringing new life into your home, enjoy from IKEA.

Your window treatment doesn’t have to be the same size as your window. In fact, big curtains can make your window and your whole room look bigger. Here, we’ve gone for a bold black and white look with a touch of nature.

It’s easy to bring softness home with textiles. And there’s no need to go crazy with colour to make an impact – we mixed cushions, rugs and throws in different shades of white to create a cuddly nest. Because everyone deserves a soft place to come home to.

The KVARTAL track system makes combining them easy, so you can enjoy the neat lines of panels together with the flowing softness of curtains. Here, traditional Scandinavian AKERKULLA panels set the style, strengthened by the borders of chequered HELSINGE fabric we’ve sewn onto the grey AINA curtains.

Corners present no problems when you add flexible corner connectors to your curtain rods. We’ve gone for a sophisticated look here with thick, cosy curtains that also cut noise, thinner ones for privacy and spotlights for some golden background light even on rainy days.

With a blackout roller blind and a thin curtain, you’ve taken care of practicalities like controlling light and privacy. Choose basic black and white, as they go with anything. Then you can set the style with a bold, patterned curtain and change it whenever you want.

Here’s a solution for both your window and your balcony door that’s easy and fun. With hot orange curtains and complementary colors in the rest of the room, you get a modern look with extra spice.

Using curtains as wardrobe doors gives extra softness and a more unified feel to this studio flat. Especially as a flexible corner connector means you can have just one continuous rail. Unlike hinged doors, curtains don’t stick out when open – another advantage in a small space.

Our KVARTAL curtain track system has special corner pieces to help you create a smooth look that follows the shape of your space. Here, we’ve chosen layers that create a luxurious feeling and let us block out the light or paint the room with colour.

For today’s busy, connected lifestyles we’d like to present a new kind of room. Made with soft textiles that add silence, coziness and color, it’s an unbusy bubble where you can take a few head-clearing minutes by yourself.

Found some fabrics you love? Making your own curtains gives your home a unique personal touch. And with KVARTAL curtain tracks to make hanging them easy, the possibilities for your creativity are endless! Here, we combined four fabrics into a pair of triangle-shaped curtains and used a fern-patterned fabric for the others.

Mixing textiles with different patterns but similar colors is a great way to combine variety with coordination. And, as nothing beats a valance for a neat, pretty finish for your windows, we made one ourselves with some fabric and a little sewing.

Windows like these invite you to hang up lovely long curtains with lots of flowing fabric. Here we’ve gone for a simple, traditional look based on tone on tone, natural colours and the texture of linen.


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