Marvel Heroes Themed Apartments With Industrial Touch

This cool apartments inspired by Marvel heroes, interior projects sent by designers in House Design, an interior design company based in Taiwan. The initial idea was that this apartment can adapt hero for apartment owners who want to have their own castle where he can relax after a tiring day at work. The result is quite surprising, although full industrial touch, but still comfortable with all the details of the superhero might need. Check the following unique interior!

This apartment was not large, only an area 90 square meters, but careful arrangement makes it look more spacious. Living room features a large sofa plush comfortable for Tony Stark, while behind a folding glass doors is spacious work space decorated with precious memorabilia Marvel homeowners. Very cool wall shelf with industrial custom but not hard, finishing cement wall into a specific request from homeowners. Cool tones decorate apartments theme, but appears some contrasting colors of light without leaving a cartoon theme. Open kitchen into the perfect size for one person. Each room in this apartment as his own secret lair, designers also take inspiration from the plane to a unique dining room. But wait, there shines a boxing Hulk punches through the back wall of the shelf, captain America shield and many more. So you must continue to follow all the details on this interior.

source: home-designing


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