Super Stylish House With Vintage Pieces

This beautiful house belongs to Christine Dovey, a talented designer and blogger. The house is super stylish with vintage pieces feel romantic when walking in it, soft shades of pink, white and pink salmon looks to dominate every interior. Christine makes an interesting composition, from the entrance we could see subtle feminine touches like a print made on a large scale in shades of pink. The bathroom is a bit more elegant in black and white, highlighted by a sophisticated Moroccan mirrors and matching color mosaic floor. Slightly to the back of the kitchen is integrated into the dining room. On the table is a pair of antique lamps in Murano glass color blush. In furniture tables and chairs tulip share attention with a more feminine bench, fake snake leather. Christine also wanted her daughter room resembles a fairy tale. Therefore, choose a gold floral wallpaper and apply it all over the walls. Pink antique sofa adds glamor to kids room. Here fresh inspiration modern photography a portrait created by artist Stephanie Vovas!

source: tempodadelicadeza


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