10 Casual Indie Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom inspired by bohemian style, it is about being back, relax and not really obsessed with organization and minimalist look. Although it looks the same from bohemian style, in fact it’s a little different is that indie style is more likely with teen, this style also did not use curtains hanging and colorful fabrics. Provide decorating ideas for indie bedrooms actually very easy, instead of having the cabinets are all completely out in the open, as have books stacked on the floor or put all your clothes on a clothes rail. Indie bedroom usually do not have a real curtain, just pieces of fabric hanging near the window. You must have a mattress on the floor, leaning against the wall a framed picture or have exposed brick walls that create a more rustic vibe. For girls using strap bedroom lamp makes a romantic soft light and feel comfortable in the bedroom, because it’s all about being casual and not worry about clean design, the style is very popular indie teens around the world!


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