15 Tiny Laundry Spaces With Functional Ideas

The laundry room is usually included in the list to renovate or upgrade, but do your own laundry space is in conformity with your wishes? Good laundry space is usually a place where everything is clean, neat and organized. These ideas might inspire you to go in there and make your laundry room more functional although this time the laundry room is not very big to begin with. Having a defined area for folding clothes or store things is something that is absolutely necessary, especially if you are a small laundry space. You also need to have a place to hang your clothes as soon as you pull them out of the dryer, and has a hanging area that does not take up much space even better. Keeping storage laundry room is not easy, the basket is a great idea to hide all the clutter, but keep everything accessible. Here are 15 laundry space ideas and see how to apply it to your laundry space!

source: pinterest


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