20 Masculine Bachelor Pad Living Rooms

Many people think single guys does not have to bother with interior design and can continue to live in a messy floor stained or outdated decor. When actually bachelor pads often tend to keep their style including an important part of the interior, that is the living room. Here it all began, and in most cases single guys, sofa, giant TV and hot pizza delivered to their doorstep is all they need to survive. Given the amount of time spent in the living room, it pays to put some effort into decorating the smart and cool. Modern bachelor pad is all about talent neat, even as it covers different themes and colors. They also prefer to present the impression of masculine into the living room, ornaments guys such as leather sofa, contemporary paintings, flags, or even tug boxing like into their souls. Here are 20 bachelor pad living room ideas beautiful blend of form and function. Although you do not need to replicate every detail or the grandeur of this space, but I am sure will inspire you find comfortable decor for yourself!

source: pinterest


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