20 Pink Valentine Day Decorations

Pink became the main color that has been chosen as Valentine’s Day. This color symbolizes love and affection, that I can not imagine a holiday without it. Although Valentine arrived a month away, I have collected a large amount pink Valentine decorations that will inspire even those who do not like this color. If you have some pink or rose, simply go to make beautiful decorations of them, like a bouquet of flowers, candles or Valentine gifts are cool. Pink wreaths can be made using paper or cardboard, you can hang them on the front door or place outdoors. Heart shape is usually chosen to complement this decoration, signs with paint and pink hearts really looks funny. Finally proceed theme decor with pink food, sweets, macarons, cakes or cupcakes. Here are 20 pink Valentine’s Day decorations to enliven your Valentine this year, hopefully pleasing!

source: pinterest


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