35 Cool DIY Wine Cork Crafts

Everyone likes DIY wine cork crafts because they consider the easiest and most fun of the other DIY projects. I myself have inspired many of the wine cork craft ideas out there. There are various craft home decoration, crafts for kids, and cool DIY project for teens. If you do not have an idea of what to do with your collection of wine cork, dont worry. This is a list of wine cork craft that will give you many options.

I’m actually not a wine drinker, I only had two wine glasses, or at least only occasionally during the weekend. That’s why when I check deposit wine cork, I was very surprised that I already have so much. So with all the wine cork I had, I tried to switch to crafts. I make some wine corks projects and they turned out to be really useful. Although only a simple project, but I am very satisfied and enjoyed it. Then I started looking for more ideas what I can do with wine cork, this is the 35 list I am sure you will love!

source: pinterest


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