Skandinavian Baby Furnitures By Charlie Crane

Nothing is as comfortable baby furniture, the best thing by Charlie Crane, new baby furniture manufacturer that rocked the baby furniture sector. Charlie furniture collection is available in two variants: Levo and Noga with beautiful and natural design. They are inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design and craftsmanship 60’s, they can proudly display in any room of your home. The furniture is made in France, furniture Charlie Crane has been designed to facilitate baby and parents, they have also been tested under the norms of the safest security, so you do not need to worry. Here’s a collection of baby furniture that you must have!

Levo is designed for the new baby until they are 7 months old. This conception and design wood contrasts with the usual baby furniture. Natural rocking from furniture according to the gentle movement of the baby.

Noga collection offers baby furniture that opens quickly, stuck to the walls and so save space. The furnishings provide all the necessary comfort, and allows you to store baby care products without neglecting the care of your child.


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