Two Tiny Apartment Under 40 Square Meters By Nikola Kungulovski

Small space is not a barrier for those who are creative, like two apartments shown here is not only tiny but they are very tiny. Designed by Nikola Kungulovski, every room is just less than 40 square meters but very comfortable and do not even narrower. For you who want to live in tiny apartment might be slightly different reality because every human being must have wanted more. But for you who want a simple life, a little life for yourself, you will not be able to resist seeing two this apartment and the concept has to offer. Entirely a truly amazing!

30 m2 apartment

The first apartment is located in Macedonia and measuring only 35 square meters (376 square feet). This space has an ultra bright concept cleverly designed room divider. A perforated panel in the middle separating the living room from the kitchen and dining room without adding any darkness or enclosed feeling. Pastel colors and high quality materials make this room very neat and did not fall apart.

Budget Apartment

Small apartment in the city of Skopje for a young girl with great appetite for clean and contemporary design. Clever mixture of inexpensive materials and pastel colours is the strategy to make this interior stand out and reflect its owner personality.


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