13 Clever Solutions For Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms is not only used for bathing, but also for relaxation place when you are tired from all sorts of activities and jobs. You can spend a lot of time in the bathroom and for a moment you feel the freshness. In general, a large bathroom is the best choice for relaxation. But what about small bathroom? Is that a bad idea? No, it’s not a big problem because tiny bathroom you could still make a cozy place for relaxation. I have collected 13 clever solutions for small bathrooms, you will find a variety of interesting tip I got from yahoo. Scroll down and get inspired!

Small bathroom was under stairs, taking advantage of the extra space that is often forgotten. Cozy small bathroom but immediately disappeared when the door is closed.

We often find that toilets can often be seen eyesore in tiny bathroom. Build a simple shelf above the toilet, in addition to versatile will also beautify your bathroom.

In tiny bathroom, every inch matters. This vanity stretches all the way to the edge of the tub, making the most of available wall space to create the largest countertop possible.

Pink theme will beautify your small bathroom and become the focal point for eye to rest at the end of this narrow bathroom. A thick striped carpet and coordinating bright towels will look perfect.

The shower is incorporated has everything you need. White tiles used on the floor and the wall to bring it all together, while dark wood accents, bath mat and toilet seat bring warmth to the room.

Small bathroom takes advantage of high ceilings both with overhead storage rack for towels. A porthole styled mirror and uber-slim sink compliment it on the opposite wall. Bright orange wall make bold contrast to white tile, fixtures and shower curtain.

Small bathrooms need an extra dose of creative planning, and dead wall space beside or above the toilet should not go to waste. Add several narrow shelves to maximize your storage options. Secure wall brackets to mount traditional shelves or consider floating shelves for a sleeker look.

One creative and easy way to make a cozy bathroom feel bigger is to add a dramatic built-in shelf unit next to or around the door. This does more than maximize storage space in an area that’s usually left untouched, it also draws your eyes upward to make the room feel larger.

Tiny bathrooms had a weakness because they will easily look messy, so it has good storage is an important addition. Stay organized by adding a high shelf and wall mounted, freestanding units that maximize the height of the room.

For a very narrow bathroom, add a mirror to the tub built-in side panel to make it appear larger. Keep other minimum decor to avoid muddling the effect.

This bathroom is mostly unadorned, apart from one striking tile design. The black linear tile ascends from the floor up the back wall of the shower, creating a streamlined, modern look.

Small bathroom can also make a big statement. Add bathroom wallpaper and they really can take the focus to size and provide a more attractive design elements.

Narrow bathroom seems like to emphasize that the smallest functional space can also exude style. It looks geometric, Mondrian-inspired wall tiles create an eye-catching mid-century design. The claw-foot soaking tub adds an additional splash of personality.


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