15 DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas

If yesterday we talk about indoor garden, then today we’ll make it easier. Still on indoor gardening, but I’ll try to incorporate elements of feng shui, interior decoration, aquarium and gardening at the same time. DIY indoor water garden is the best solution utilizing four hobby together. Here you are required to be creative in finding out the right water plants, appropriate container and how to plant the right. We all know the growing plants without soil water is known as hydroponic gardening, but you also need to know that gardening in this way is actually quite easy and cheap.

The first step is choosing the right container, if you do not want to spend too many containers, you only need to take a used glass bottles or mason jar unused. Be sure to clean first and decorate it to make it more beautiful. The second step is to choose the right plants that can grow in water. You can choose a house plant or some herbal plants in the room, but make sure they can grow in water because not all plants can live in water. I have compiled 15 indoor water garden ideas on pinterest, one of the highlights here is the indoor water garden turned out to also be a place to live fish.


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