20 Cool And Useful Old Vinyl Records

I am among those fanatics with music. For me everything about music always gives special memories, even old record and vinyl are part of music history and the role they are never forgotten. Until today, I still save a lot of vinyl records hidden somewhere in the loft or forgotten in the back of the closet. Instead of letting record collecting dust in a storage unit or basement, why not turn them into cool and useful items? Vinyl records are simple enough to melt and mold, thin for cutting, and lightweight, making them easy to DIY. You can find some interesting ways to give them a new purpose and life but still keep their memory intact. Various cool ideas you can do yourself such as making vinyl record wall clock, storage boxes, lamps, furniture, or whatever you desire, all the vintage look and fit perfectly in the interior design scheme. See 20 cool ideas for recycled vinyl record below and get inspired!


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