20 Cool DIY Photo Collage For Dorm Room Ideas

The best thing about having a dorm room is able to decorate a dorm room as you wish. There are so many options that you can apply decorations out there, but my personal favorite is a photo collage. This is the perfect way to show off your life, whether it’s a photo of friends, family or just your favorite activities. A simple decorations that I’m sure you’ll smile when he saw it. Photo collages in a dorm room becomes very important because they are part of the memories and you may lose some friends back home. Photo collage is also an appropriate means to display all friends of your new college or about the wonderful life you have. But do not just display them in a standard way and mediocre on top of your bed. In this post I want to invite you to try something a little more creative, here are 20 cool DIY photo collage for dorm room ideas. Get inspired!


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