20 Inspiring Photos That Make You Love For Mid-Century Decor

Mid-century house is very popular today, usually the decor is sleek, chic and very charming with a touch of elegant wood. Mid-century itself is a style architecture, interior, product and graphic design which generally describe the development of modern design in the mid 20th century. Regardless of whether your home fully implement the mid-mod furniture, or if you have some striking pieces scattered about, the mid-century decor definitely adds a cool factor to any room. Even if you do not like the decor, believe after seeing this 20 inspiring photos then you will immediately fall in love! Let us check out and get some easy tips to mid-century homes.

There are many ways to apply the Mid-Century interior style, the following tips:

  • If the more modern minimalist style using faux wood types such as plywood, Mid-Century style preference is to use original wood. The original wood will create a different look and make it more striking in the room.
  • You can add an element of natural stone on one wall in the room. You can also add a large mirror to get an impression of illusion of more space in a limited area.
  • Mid-Century style can also be applied to mix and match decorations in the house. For that, you are required to be more creative in mix and match various unique furniture to make it look more quirky and interesting. For example a small room should not use more than two or three styles of furniture or decor that is different, so is the material. Just two or three different materials, such as wood (natural) with metal/plastic (industrial). Well, if you want to include decorations have a motive. You should select one main motif. Color selection should also be no more than three, and still select one of them becomes the main color.
  • Mahogany, oak, and pine are usually included in the list of materials commonly used in the mid-century interior.
  • Furniture made lower, short, legs tend to be small, with minimal decorations and ornaments also be one of the characteristics that strengthen the mid-century style.


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