25 Pretty DIY Popsicle Stick For Home Decor

Are you among those who like of ice cream? According to the study, ice cream that can be a medicine when we are stressed because the tasks and work deadlines. If you are a lover of ice cream, did you ever think that popsicle stick can also be converted into craft and cool decorations? Instead of having to add trash at the table, you should not rush waste popsicle stick. If you collect, it can bring a lot of benefits with a little creativity. You can change the popsicle stick into a pretty home decor. With the help of some simple tools such as glue and scissors, popsicle stick that was originally just plain junk can be your magic into unique items. Let’s try to create a work of DIY (Do It Yourself), following the collection of 20 beautiful in your activities at home. Scroll down and find that you find most easy!

source: pinterest


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