25 Scary DIY Halloween Window Silhouettes

In addition to front porch and front door, windows are also very important in Halloween decorations because this is the first thing your guests will see. If you want something that really stands out for this Halloween, window silhouette can be an easy DIY project in a few minutes. Silhouette is easy for any window decorations, they are usually in a good black color seen in the dark, it can also shine look more sinister. You can buy them in party stores or make your own using paper or cardboard, it was very simple because they are attached to the window with a bit of tape, after that you just need to change your lamp. You can make a whole ghost scene or scenes from your favorite scary movie. Witches, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, ghosts and skeletons are cool ideas, they just cut and paste. This day is dedicated to Halloween window decoration, I hope you like it!


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