25 Stylish Hexagon Tiles For Kitchen Walls And Backsplashes

There is an easy way to change the decor of your kitchen become more stylish. Hexagon tiles will give a touch of beautiful and chic that you can use in any part of kitchen. They are very suitable for walls and backsplashes, you can create patterns that you like and are suitable for any style whether it is from the medieval, modern or minimalist kitchen. This post will show you how to hexagon tiles can transform old style kitchen look amazing and you can make a bold statement with hex tiles of several colors that contrast or unique design.

We often see hexagon tiles used on walls and backsplash, they have unique geometric shapes and stylish look to the kitchen wall. You can use a hex tile is small or large, dark or light, even colorful. A marble gray or white hex tile backsplash is the most favored idea because this color neutral and smooth, the backsplash is perfect for minimalist kitchen. If you like to enter warm wood elements, black or dark hexagon tiles will make a bold statement. Some of the more unique ideas is ombre or mosaic tile honeycomb backsplash that will make your kitchen be the center of attention of your guests. Want to see a luxury? Use the hex tiles metals, copper or gold that will add a touch of elegance yet luxurious in your kitchen. Scroll down for more great ideas!


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