30 Education Kids Playroom With Chalkboard Ideas

Kids playroom is often fused with kids room to ease parents to supervise their kids. Therefore you need to kids playroom decor appropriate to the age their growth. Your kids will love it if you create an interesting angle in their room to express themselves, one of which is chalkboard. Paint one wall in chalkboard paint or paint furniture, in addition to making kids room is always clean is also useful as an educational study them because kids usually like to write or draw anywhere they like. They can be a means to write and do some creative pictures on the chalkboard, it would be best corner of the room. Chalkboard paint does not have to be black, you can buy or make chalkboard paint in various colors. But if you decide to make it black you have to paint the other walls white or use bright colors. I have compiled collection of 30 kids playroom with chalkboard that can help you with some interesting ideas. Get inspired!

source: pinterest


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