30 Modern Kitchen Design With Marble Accents

The kitchen becomes a very important part in house decoration because the place is often used for serving food, gather, and spending time with family. Therefore, kitchen space should be designed carefully, ranging from furniture arrangement, shapes, models and finishing materials. For those of you who are making plans to redesign your kitchen to make it look more modern, then you will face a lot of choices for material selection. With unlimited potential for mix and style of your kitchen, marble become excellent material for modern interiors. Here you’ll find kitchen ideas with diverse tones, textures and unique modern aesthetic with lasting appeal. Marble is a kind of magic, you can put them in almost every part of the kitchen, they are also resistant to heat and water, as well as varied pattern and textures available. However, if you are planning to choose marble to be part of your kitchen then you set aside more for these materials, including expensive. Scroll now to see 30 of the modern marble kitchen which I am sure you will be interested. Just try to choose the best!

source: pinterest


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