5 Cool Ways To Shoe Storage Solutions

There are many surprising things we can do with IKEA storage ideas, although we often find that the lack of storage space define life at home. But in this post you will see the possibility of storage in places and ways that may have never considered. These are the 5 cool ways to your shoe storage collection continues to grow, if you want to hide them or simply be placed in the display.

If you do not have a lot of floor space for shoes, it’s not a problem. We all had a wall, so you can use the wall to store your shoes. You just need a pair of hooks to display them.

I really like how the interior designer Anna Cardel make this storage idea. Inspired by the shoes thrown over telephone wires. String a curtain wire with wooden balls, drape across your walls, and hang your favorite sneakers over.

It’s all about the shoes. Even when you’re not wearing them. Put your favorites on display in a SYNAS light box. Because let’s face it: they’re just too good to hide in the closet.

Shoes can be utilitarian pieces of artwork, so why not treat them that way? These wall shelves are the perfect size to display them along with the rest of your wall art.

Rather tuck your kicks away? To create this solution at home you can use any kind of flat board. We’ve used a VEDDINGE kitchen cabinet door (use rounded deco strips or moulding to make the sides). Then all you need to do is attach some wheels to the bottom.


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